Moving from the Inside Out

I moaned and groaned. I was beside myself. “Every name I think I might want has been taken. Names and titles I’ve used for my work for many years are in use by other people – they have the domains. What to do?”

Whiny and pathetic, eh? Almost two weeks of not finding an available domain name caused me to nearly despair. Frustrated, not wanting to give up but almost ready to, I plopped down on the arm of my favorite chair. Head downcast, all I could think was how important it was to have a name with organicity, that flowed and reflected what the blog and my work are about. Anything less wouldn’t be fitting.

Spontaneously, with feeling I declared as if ending an argument I didn’t know I was engaged in: “Whatever it is, it HAS to come from the inside out.”

“What?” I took note. “That’s it, of course! Moving from the inside out.” My heart soared over that brief assemblage of words. Words that are natural to me and reflect my purpose. They sang to me.

This blog’s purpose is to always come from within, where the best flows from – never from the top of my head! I know there is renewing and transformative power residing in the natural resources within everyone. We just need to know how to tap into them. It boggles the mind because it’s as simple as paying attention: to how we move, how we feel, our attitudes. Add a few mind-body tools and we can access and utilize what’s already inside us, free. We came with it. Thank God!

I hope that’s intriguing. I invite your comments and brief stories for the benefit of all. There will be guest bloggers and interviews with professionals who use natural forms of healing: from transformational movement, massage and self-massage, attitudinal adjustments, to homeopathy, meditative knitting and laugh yoga.

Have a great day, see you here on Wednesday.

8 Responses to “Moving from the Inside Out”

  1. E. Scott Smiley Says:

    I am interested in learning more about natural healing and Moving From the Inside Out.

    • Mary Marino-Strong Says:

      Hi Scott, I hope the information I have to share will be useful to you. Feel free to ask about areas of specific interest to you because natural healing is a vast subject area. You’re the first ‘commentor’; thanks for stopping by.

  2. Fereshteh Says:

    This is wonderful and exciting. I applaud your efforts to share, educate, and help the world in the healing that is taking place all over the planet. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Benjamin B Says:

    Mary, you’re onto something. Today, I was sent a blog post from inter-intelligence-communications. In particular, “Manoj Sreeram”[1] makes comments about how “mantra” is from the mind, “tantra” is from the body, and “yantra”[2] is something else which comes from the mind and acted on through structure. This struck me as similar to your “moving from the inside out”. We’ve been doodling in a framework of sacred geometry lately, as a means to meditate on color and form and re-synchronize with harmony around us. These templates have been helpful:

    best wishes,


    • Mary Marino-Strong Says:

      Hi Benjamin, I’m completely unfamiliar with this information. Synchronicity? I will take a look at your links. You have one of those genius brains that’s hard to keep up with! Thanks for visiting the site; hope you keep coming back and let me know if there is synchronicity.

  4. Laura Says:

    I was so happy to find your blog spot! I am 60 years old and I have been struggling with the whole, “I know what I should do, but I cannot seem to do it” process. I have been working towards a healthier me since my heart attack 8 years ago. I have moved off of the furniture and have learned a lot more about my diet. However, I still have the worst possible problem. I cannot seem to stay away from cigarettes. I have quit more times than I can say, only to go back…sometimes years later!

    To solve this problem I have subscribed to various quit smoking groups. No help. I have read lots of books. No help. I try to stay away from smokers. No help.

    But, my latest mantra/affirmation is as simple as I could make it. And, amazingly, it seems to be helping. Healthy me. Healthy me. Healthy me.

    Everytime I find myself wanting to reach for inappropriate food or a cigarette, I remind myself that I am working towards a healthy me, healthy me, healthy me.

    I am so looking forward to learning more about moving from the inside, learning to bypass that monkey mind that chatters on, nonsensically.



    • Mary Marino-Strong Says:

      Laura, I’m so happy for you. That monkey mind is a challenge isn’t it? I think it tries to keep us where we are because it knows what we have but doesn’t know what change will bring. That’s its job I guess. Fortunately, there are tools to acknowledge its presence and keep on going towards our conscious choice. I like your mantra.

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