Getting Started: Activating Brain Central

“So,” you might ask, “how do we start tapping into that powerful pool of natural resources residing within that you wrote about last time?” Good question. This is a simple introduction to something vast and complex:  as big as changing habitual, self-limiting patterns, as simple as making a decision and creating an intention.

How to embark on a potentially transformative process? Start in a place where you’ll be undisturbed. A quiet, peaceful space where you can take deep, calming breaths and be present.

Step 1: The Way To Begin:  decide to.  It’s that simple. Make a conscious choice; it begins to engage ‘brain-central’.

Step 2 on Monday.  See you there, meanwhile:  What do you do to get centered, calm and present?

Thanks for your comments and questions. Keep them coming, they mean a lot.

2 Responses to “Getting Started: Activating Brain Central”

  1. collegeparkhighschoolalumni63 Says:

    Beautiful fluid Blog Dear Mary. Thank you.

    Q… What do I do to get centered?
    First I set an intention to see if I am centered, or a desire to become more centered. Then I check to see if I am centered by closing my eyes and taking a mental scan of my being starting with my heart then moving to my head and then flowing like water smoothly flow down my body. My breath is slow, easy, alert, receptive and welcoming. The process of checking trues my being to congruence…. and centers me

    • Mary Marino-Strong Says:

      Lovely. So beautiful. You write, the process “trues my being to congruence…and centers me.” That’s truly coming from the inside out. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

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