Mary Marino-Strong


Mary is many things — a therapist, a teacher, a catalyst for change. But first and foremost, she’s a success story. Years ago, she suffered from immobilizing back pain that didn’t respond to traditional treatments. But by using pioneering methods of bodywork, movement therapies, and self-discovery, she was able to heal herself. Today, Mary employs many of these same healing practices when working with others. She has tremendous empathy for people in pain and those with limited movement because she’s been there herself. And triumphed.

Mary is a certified movement therapist, licensed massage therapist, and certified practitioner and educator of Self-Healing Bodywork and Movement Therapy, an innovative process developed by Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT. Mary also incorporates elements from other studies into her work, such as Feldenkrais®, Hapkido (she studied with Grandmaster James Garrison), Eurhythmy, Hakomi, Reiki, dance therapy, and many personal growth and self-empowerment methods.

Previously, she worked in high-end real estate development, brokerage and asset management for 15 years. She was executive vice president of Morgan Stanley’s real estate subsidiary in Portland, Oregon, until she left to follow her passion.

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