Mary Marino-Strong, CMT, LMT, SHPE

Written for the book, Welcome to Your Mind Body, by Rudy Kachmann, MD, of the Kachmann Mind Body Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Does your back have pain? Neck stiff? Head ache? Knees or lower leg muscles not quite right? Maybe, like most people, you don’t notice muscles and joints until they are a source of pain or they limit your activities. Stressed, over-worked individuals keeping up with families, career, school often set themselves towards goals with steely determination and don’t stop until they have to. This is a pattern in many lives today, a pattern that is reflected in steely muscles and joints, chronic pain, diminished immune systems, and a general state of stress. Over time such problems can turn into physical ailments if not addressed. Fortunately, therapeutic massage is increasingly available. It can relieve pain, release stress and anxiety, and help in the repair and recovery of muscles and joints. It stimulates the body’s internal systems to support improved immune function as well as overall health and well-being. Massage is an ancient healing method being proven by modern research.

The amount of research grows by leaps and bounds and reflects both the wide spectrum of applications for therapeutic massage, as well as its increasing inclusion with other treatment forms…

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