Typically, “bodywork” is the term used to describe more sophisticated forms of massage. Mary offers two general categories of bodywork, with individual sessions customized to your specific needs and goals.

MEDICAL MASSAGE addresses the side effects of various health problems. These are often the result of an injury, ailment or degenerative disease. They can also be caused by repetitive use or chronic use, in which patterns of tightness form after years of using your body in a way that creates postural imbalances.

In Mary’s sessions, she looks beyond the symptoms to the cause of tension, pain or stiffness. Rather than applying a quick “Band-Aid” fix, she prefers to work with the root cause of a problem in order to affect a more lasting change. Her work is subtle yet powerful — she doesn’t use unnecessary, painful pressure to obtain the desired results. She also strives to make sure clients feel safe and comfortable at all times. Clients often comment on her “healing hands” and nurturing presence.

ENERGY MASSAGE deals with imbalances in your energy, or life force. These imbalances can be caused by many factors — stress, negative emotions, a sedentary lifestyle, or a transition in your life (e.g., a job change, marriage/divorce, a new baby, loss of a loved one, a major move, etc.). Any of these factors can cause energy to get “stuck.” And when that happens, aches, pains, stiffness, and even depression can follow. With energy massage, Mary works to release the stuck energy and bring healing energy to areas that have been blocked, helping to restore balance. Her goal is to help you feel calm, grounded, and focused again — ready to embrace life.

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