Mary, you put me in dreamland. All those places of stress and pain when I was suffering! You worked on me in such gentle ways, never forced. It was beautifully, almost intuitively, performed massage – but so effective. You have a magic ingredient I’ve never experienced before and I highly recommend you to everyone – they will go into dreamland!
Joanna Tompkin, CCIM, commercial and residential lending

Dad said of carrot cake, “Too bad we can’t do this with spinach.” Well, Mary has camouflaged unappealing physical exertion into a delightfully gentle and upbeat experience. After her first class I was amazed at what had been accomplished. I had a lighter step, greater mobility, and felt more connected to parts of my body that I’d forgotten about. I think they just woke up and came out to play with the rest of me.
I never know where a session with Mary will take us. It’s a cooperative thing, she’s not doing it to me, we’re doing it together, I have to take it in as well. There’s feedback going on back and forth. She has no repetitive patterns in her work and each session she seems to know just what, where and how to work to relieve pain and to produce a level of well-being far greater than any plain old massage ever has.
Ellen Campbell, retired educator, artist, humorist

ON ENERGY MASSAGE (with Medical Massage)

Dear Mary – Been meaning to write to thank you for the bodywork you did for me back in Jan. (out of state client who came just for bodywork.) It really made a difference. Had one more chiropractic treatment and have been “holding” the correction ever since. The DC [doctor of chiropractic] was very impressed with the work you did on my neck.
Thanks a lot!
Sandy P., administrative assistant

Hi Mary, Diane [12 yr old daughter] has shared something very nice about your work together…. She said for many years she has carried an anger inside her and that your work helped her let go of that anger.
I’m glad you are in our lives.
Warm regards,
Dr. S, chiropractic physician

Mary, Thinking of your special ways and thanking you from the heart!
Thank you . . . most especially for the wonderful caring massages that you have given to me! Wishing you a most fulfilling and blessed new year!
RN, counselor, facilitator, mother

The role you played in my process of becoming a woman is valuable beyond words . . . Thank You! You have taught me much on receiving love and healing. You were part of my awakening, the knocking at my heart’s door.
You’re a keeper 🙂
RM, client and student

On “Feel Better Now” CD and Transformational Movement

Mary’s CD “Feel Better Now ” helps you look at your body in an entirely different way. It teaches you to slow down and notice the small things that you might not notice when you are very busy. Noticing this helps you experience less strain on your body.
Ellen C. Fagan-Pryor MSN, RN, BC

I took a full hour to listen to Mary’s CD the day I got it – and it was wonderful. It ‘s very well done. I feel the first 11 minutes were an essential element to understanding the work and why repetition, etc. is critical. I had great body awarenesses throughout the session. I actually enjoyed the experience, more importantly, my body feels great!
Celeste Steward, commercial real estate broker, artist

I found Mary’s Movement for Self Healing classes simply amazing. I was in a state of constant, chronic back and hip pain. I couldn’t sit without extreme discomfort and stretching or performing physical therapy exercises were all but impossible to do. The simple, yet deliberate movement, combined with breathing and visualization techniques I learned in Mary’s class brought me remarkable relief. At first, I found myself relaxed and pain free for an hour or so, but as I progressed and began to incorporate her teachings into the course of my day, I was elated to discover relief at last.

With Mary’s direct and encouraging guidance, I was able to break the cycle of pain that had previously consumed my life. I have recommended her classes and CD to friends and family and have observed their improved condition and quality of life as they too implemented Mary’s teachings. I simply cannot say enough about Mary’s expertise and support – except –
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Diane Romine, IT Executive

Mary – Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us [a mind-body class.] My neck has felt lighter and freer ever since. When I meet with the class on Wed. morning I’ll ask for feedback from them and then call you.
Gayle, Educator, Author, RN, LMT

You and this class have touched me and changed my life forever.
Thank you.
JS, Student

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