Part 3: Conclusion of Your Ancestral Diet and Digestive Harmony with Dr. Ananda Kramer

What happens next?

MMS: Glad to have you back from your trip, Dr. Ananda. On this quest for finding Digestive Harmony and our Ancestral Diet, we left off with the importance of knowing if there are any foods for which we are genetically intolerant. You use a simple test, which can be done at home, to find that out. What happens next?

AK: What happens next is the work begins! Almost everyone says to me, after I tell them what their food intolerance is, “Now what can I eat”? I customize my dietary recommendations according to each individual’s needs.

In general, we all need to begin to cook our own foods. Cook from scratch!  Avoid using soups and sauces as bases for a meal and cook whole foods that are fresh, organic, locally grown and in season (which I have been saying for many years, long before it became popular.)

For example, cook a chicken or a roast and have left over meat for sandwiches rather than buying lunchmeat. Cook fresh salmon instead of buying canned. Reduce carbohydrate consumption, especially bread, crackers and pasta. Cook whole grains instead. Have a variety of fresh vegetables and salads. Eat fruit for dessert.

Good digestion is the foundation of your house, your body.

Good digestion is the foundation of your house, your body. I believe that without good digestion it is very difficult to improve health. But just like a foundation is not the building, more than good diet is involved in creating a strong body. The building materials of our body should be top notch and we want to buy the best quality food and prepare it carefully.

We also need to consider other things. If we continue with the building analogy, what about the design of the building? The design is as important as the foundation. We need a comprehensive plan to build good health that includes physical movement, drinking plenty of fresh clean water and sleeping eight hours a night.

MMS: I know from my practice that most people do not fully recognize the importance of physical movement, clean air and clean water. What kind of results do patients get when they, or you and they, figure out their harmonious food plan?

Some Remarkable Results

AK: When people change their diet based on the Food Intolerance Test they report some remarkable results. One would expect that digestive complaints would improve and that is true. But I also have reports that long-standing skin conditions have healed. One woman reported to me that after five years of avoiding eggs, her intolerance, her Lupus and Chronic Fatigue were in remission. We were both very impressed.

Going from perfect food to the best diet for them

Actually, any and all imbalances in a person’s health will improve with the right diet but how much is dependent on the individual’s vitality and overall health. I have observed over the past nine years of working with Food Intolerances that for some individuals diet alone is not enough to restore their health. It is definitely a good foundation but other therapies need to be added to bring the desired result. [Look for more on this in our second series of interviews in a few months.]

In general, the younger the person is when the intolerance is identified the better the result. Children heal quickly if given good nutrition. Fortunate is the child who starts life with breast milk and then transitions to solids based on their ancestral diet. In my book they are going from perfect food to the best diet for them.

She even lost two or three dress sizes

MMS: I remember hearing about a member of your family who had nausea and digestive problems since childhood. Once you discovered her Ancestral Diet and she eliminated her food intolerance, potato, her digestive complaints disappeared. She even lost two or three dress sizes. I’m not sure which is more impressive!

I can attest to the fact that, as an aging boomer, my health changed dramatically after I followed your advice, including eliminating dairy products. This certainly contributes to aging with ease. Thank you Dr. Ananda; I appreciate all the time you’ve given to our interview for this blog’s readers.

Focused on helping people get better

AK: Thank you for this opportunity to let more people know about this simple yet powerfully effective way of identifying an individual’s personal diet plan. The doctor who created this test in the 1920’s was interested in helping people recover their health. He did not write a book, go on a lecture tour or in any way publicize his work. He focused on helping people get better.  Today a small number of Naturopathic doctors in the Pacific Northwest carry on this work because we have not found a better way to restore digestive harmony to our patients.

MMS: In a few months I’ll post a second series of interviews with Dr. Ananda about Transformational Healing. To learn more about Dr. Kramer’s work, go to

Thanks for coming by; please leave your comments.

Questions for You:  Does your way of eating make you feel healthy and energized in a good way (versus a caffeine or sugar induced temporary high?) Do you have food cravings, swelling, joint stiffness, congestion, bloating and other symptoms whose cause is unidentified? Do you have a chronic condition?

2 Responses to “Part 3: Conclusion of Your Ancestral Diet and Digestive Harmony with Dr. Ananda Kramer”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hello Mary

    I look forward to the article you will post on transformation healing.

    Can you and Dr. Kramer address ‘german new medicine’? I have considered working with an ND in my area. I’ve read a little bit about this framework. I don’t really want to discuss or resurrect the last 10 years of my body or life history with an ND.
    I would really just like to get my strength and ‘jump’ back, even though I am sensing once you pass 40 years of age, your body really does fundamentally change its internal engine and ability to build heat.

    I appreciate any thoughts you may have to offer on these phenomenon and challenges!

    Thank you for sharing so much.

    • Mary Marino-Strong Says:

      Hi Megan, thanks for commenting. I’m unfamiliar with the term ‘german new medicine’. Will you raise the question again when I interview Dr. Ananda on transformational healing? If it were me, I’d be sure to check on the credentialing requirements of NDs in your are. I was surprised to discover it can mean dispenser of supplements or the equivalent of wellness coach in some parts of the U.S. Whereas in other areas, the ND education is much akin to that of an MD, with the addition of holistic/complementary modalities.

      Remember what they said about computers years back, which still holds: garbage in, garbage out. If an ND doesn’t have the information, I wonder how well s/he could treat you? For myself, I found if I didn’t want to talk about something there was unresolved energy around it. Sometimes we resolve it prior to embarking on physical healing; often we do them simultaneously. I do believe the Asian approach that the body and mind (includes emotions) are one. We work on one to affect the other; we don’t change on the outside if we don’t change on the inside.

      One reason I love Dr. Candace Pert’s work, and her book, Molecules of Emotion, is because she gives the scientific basis for Dr. Alice Miller’s statement that the body stores our emotions and one day it presents a bill. It is all one; there is no separation except as we perceive. We can’t scratch and sniff the mind or emotions so we take it to be unrelated and separate from our physical form. I have no end of opinions, Megan. I hope something is useful; please ignore anything that doesn’t suit. All the best.

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